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Get N Tha Game Podcast

Oct 6, 2017

Get N Tha Game Ep 32: We're In The Sunken Place

Here we are, another week where society has reached an all new low. With the news of a "lone gunman" killing people at a concert in Las Vegas we have our conspiracy hats on as we try to make sense of all the different information that came on the news regarding Stephan Paddock. 

Then we travel deeper into the sunken place as we talk 21 Savage clinging to Amber Rose during the Slut Walk in LA and claiming not to be savage anymore?? Yeah, we're totally confused about this relationship...

Carmelo goes to OKC this year and he doesn't have much to look forwards to unless 4 Locos and K2 is his thing. 

The only thing that saved us from being left in the sunken place was Jay-Z's SNL performance...Thank God!

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