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Get N Tha Game Podcast

Apr 30, 2018

Get N Tha Game S:2 Ep 14: Don't Take It Personal

Get ready for alot of REAL TALK as Don't Take It Personal Podcast comes thru to Get N Tha Game to talk Hip-Hop, Podcasting and they play "Sex Up, Marry Up or Shoot Up".  

Special Guests: @DTIPPodcast

Hosted By @OfficialKiKiJ and @IAmFatPimp

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Apr 23, 2018

Get N Tha Game Podcast

S:2 Ep 13: Hip-Hop Royalty "The New Generation"


We Get N Tha Game with rapper and a descendant of Texas Hip-Hop royalty, Rakim Al Jabbar. We talk Beychella, Tristan Thompson Cheating Scandal 😱

We get in a round of  “Sex Up, Marry Up or Shoot Up”

Rakim Al Jabbar is carrying the torch of...

Apr 16, 2018


EP 12:


We talk to Reki Master, Chelsea of Breakthrough Healings, as she explains how Reki helps people to have a clear mind and live positive, productive lives through the power of unblocked energy. Also, Director Snoop Robinson stops in to talk about his new stage play "Can't...